July 15th, 2022-Lately. Lately I have been feeling back to myself and so free. I feel alive and green and soaring. I was not aware of my wings or how high they could take me. Lately I feel that heaven is closer to Earth and that I have met an angel. The world seems more accessable, like I found a key to unlock it. I am not sure what kept me from all of this before, but it was all I wanted and was looking for. What I touch is real, and what I feel is deep. What I see is vibrant and inspiring. I want to turn it all out and into something. It is all felt in my chest, in my heart.


July 17th, 2022- Today I woke up and wished every morning was like this. I was still in my dreams, I was almost sure of it. I said goodbye to K, watered my plants, and cleaned the house. I'm feeling more caring of the things around me. It gets easier every day to extend my hands. I drank a lot of coffee and danced around in my room. I have a strong love for my body and I felt it as I moved. I feel the urge to take care of myself. I got kind of sick the past couple of days and that always makes me thankful for the working body I have. K brought me soup and made me tea and I think that's the nicest thing that's happened in a long time. Taken care of and take care of.

August 4th, 2022- This has been the best summer of my life. The days are so long and full. What I see is a dream, I don't need to shut my eyes. The sun on me, in the middle of a park with an old golden retriever off leash. Love living in my heart, I feel my other near me always. I have never felt right in this world until now. And this feeling doesn't fade, it only grows stronger, and everything becomes more vivid. My worlds I have created collide with reality and it is all too beautiful. I wondered if it would ever happen to me. I wondered if what I dreamed could become real. And it did.